Best Wrist Straps for Powerlifters Reviewed
  • As someone who lifts weights, you know that grip strength is one of the most important aspects. Versa Gripps wrist straps are specifically designed to improve your grip strength. Available in a variety of colors, they provide an extensive grip length, which gives you a more stable hold on the bar.

    Another crucial feature of the Pro Authentic entails their versatility. More specifically, they can be used both for pulling and pushing exercises while also providing protection you’d get from weightlifting gloves

    Furthermore, these wrist wraps tout a quick-release mechanism. The purpose of this is to enhance your safety as you’re letting go of the weight you’ve been working out with.

    Also, the manufacturer has incorporated an exceptional funnel-shape design, which allows the weight to rest easily at the base of your hand. This funnel shape design ensures that there’s ample circulation in your hands as you’re lifting weights.

  • Do you like having the freedom to choose from a ton of exercise gear? If you do, the Steel Sweat Wrist Wraps are just what you need. The set contains 18-inch wrist wraps and 22-inch lifting straps.

    The wrist wraps are made of heavy duty elastic and cotton. The manufacturer has employed reinforced stitching to boost support and durability. Better yet, these wraps are fitted with an adjustable 5-inch Velcro strap to provide a snug fit.

    Another feature you’ll love about Steel Sweat wrist wraps is that they’re absorbent. Thanks to the elasticized cotton and nylon blend, they’re able to wick moisture away from your body. This ensures that you stay dry throughout your powerlifting session.

    The Steel Sweat wrist wraps have an elegant design. Their monotone color contrasts well with the colored 3-stripe design. You can get them in black with white stripes, black with red stripes, red with white stripes and white with black stripes.

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